Sell krugerrands

Hatton Garden Metals are happy to buy your krugerrands and other gold coins - we pay the best prices and you get your money fast.

Hatton Garden Metals are a well known London dealer, so rest assured that you are selling to a leading gold dealing company. We offer the best prices for your krugerrands and other gold coins, and we make sure that you get paid fast.

When you are selling high value items like gold coins and krugerrands, you really do need to make sure that you know who you are dealing with. Hatton Garden Metals have a long track record and are a well respected and trusted company in the gold trade, by both the public and the trade alike.

The market or "spot" value of gold is determined and set each day by an independent body and this sets the prices that dealers will pay for krugerrands and other coins. Certain coins have rarity value and may attract premiums.

Always look after your own best interests first when selling your gold.

Buying and selling krugerrands

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We also buy and sell gold bullion bars and scrap gold.

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